October 2014

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Damn Spotify! They often send me emails with suggestions of things I’ll like, based on what I’ve already listened to. Most of it is OK, but nothing I’d rush out and buy. Then there was this… I rushed out and bought it!


I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted. Life seems to have consisted of a blur of work and crochet. I’m back at work on Tuesday night for my last set of shifts. I feel sick with anticipation, rather like I did as a child on Christmas Eve! As expected, the handover of the work has not gone smoothly. The scope of what we do has been grossly underestimated as the management team who took over earlier in the year haven’t bothered to even find out what we do or how we do it. Last week there was a call for volunteers to postpone their redundancy for 3-6 months. There weren’t many takers. Read the rest of this entry »