February 2015

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My First Quilt

Completed QuiltI have finally finished my first quilt. I was beginning to think I’d never get it finished, I made such slow progress on it. That was partly because I am such a complete novice at sewing, I only dared work on it at my quilting class, on a Wednesday afternoon. It’s taken me 10 classes to make this and I’m quietly chuffed with the result. The finished quilt is 36″x36″ and has been snagged by Jamie to keep him warm when he’s on his computer in his icy garret (that might be a slight exaggeration of how cold it is in his attic bedroom). It has been pronounced soft and warm and fit for purpose 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

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Depths of Change

Depths of ChangeLast summer, shortly after I started to crochet, I came across Frank O’Randle‘s work on Ravelry. At the time he was in the process of getting his new pattern, Rings of Change tested. Although it was far beyond my ability, I was fascinated by the pattern and followed the test with interest. Frank also started designing a new blanket, which he called Depths of Change. I’d really like RoC, but the new blanket just took my breath away. From the very start, I have been mesmerised by the changing shapes in it; the spider’s web at the centre, that is suddenly transformed into a diamond, that develops voluptuous curves, then metamorphoses into a square. Every update Frank posted just drew me further in.

When Frank asked for volunteers to test DoC last autumn, I didn’t feel I had nearly enough experience or ability to put myself forwards, but I followed the test avidly. I couldn’t wait for the pattern to be published. Then disaster struck. Frank wasn’t happy with the way his design was making up in testing and he cancelled the test. I could have cried! If there was one pattern I wanted to have a go at, more than anything else, it was this one. All was not lost. While Frank wasn’t happy with his initial pattern, he didn’t want to give up on this blanket. He tweaked it and changed it, whilst also working on other new designs, until he felt it was ready for testing again.

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