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Koi Pond SockA plain toe-up sock with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel has very quickly become my ‘Prozac Knit’. I love it, and when I feel stressed, it’s the perfect project; no counting or complicated patterning. All I need is my knitting, a row counter and my template. I have mastered Judy’s Magic Cast On and, for my first pair, cast on my stitches, then increased every other round until I had all the stitches I needed. From the start, I found the FLK Heel easy to work. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dull as Ditchwater SocksHimself requested a pair of socks. I’ve acquired quite a stash of sock yarn (I really don’t know how that happened so quickly), much of it gloriously gaudy. I managed to dig out the one solitary ball of sock yarn I have in muted colours! This was made from a 150g 6-ply Zauberball that I bought from The Sock Yarn Shop. If I’m honest I’m glad he didn’t pick out the orange and red Zauberball; I want that one for myself! For all the colours are a bit drab, this is a lovely yarn to work with. I used a 3 mm circular and it makes up to a thick, squishy fabric. This pair only used 80 g, so I should be able to make myself a pair out of the remaining 70 g. These have been officially christened ‘David’s Dull as Ditchwater Socks’. Read the rest of this entry »

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