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5 SquaresKathryn at Crafternoon Treats is hosting a bagalong. If you pop along to her blog you will find a pattern and several posts about how make the bag and how to alter it. There is also a Facebook group, a very friendly and informative group to show off your squares and bags. The pattern is also listed on Ravelry, if you want to add it to your projects page. I was initially going to use two strands of DK, but decided to order some chunky yarn instead. You can never have too much yarn, right? I have all my squares made. I just need to finish sewing in my ends so I can join them and start work on the lining. I’ve chosen this fabric for my lining.

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V-Stitch RippleFrog it and make something else! I started making this V-Stitch Ripple last week. I loved the colours of the original and I like the effect that using a v-stitch added to the ripple. Sadly, it wasn’t to be. The pattern suggests not cutting the yarn, but carrying it up the sides. I was struggling to manage 5 balls, so decided to cut my yarn and sew in the ends. After a couple more repeats, I realised that the ends were going to be a mare to sew in; there would be hundreds of them and while a v-stitch looks lovely, it’s a horrible stitch to sew the ends into, as I already know. So, I bit the bullet and frogged it. I hate frogging things. It feels like such a failure. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hello Fall Tote BagI’m beginning to wonder how I ever found the time to hold down a full time job! So much yarn, so little time… and then there’s the sewing. I sprained my ankle quite badly at the end of March. I’m embarrassed to admit that I fell off the doorstep, and even more embarrassed to admit that I was stone-cold sober at the time. The only saving grace was that there were no witnesses to see me go arse-over-tit and spend the next 5 minutes rolling around on the grass swearing like a sailor, on the verge of tears. I spent the next hour melting a packet of frozen peas on my ankle, and it was remarkably effective in keeping the bruising and swelling to a minimum. Thankfully, I have my own private nurse who has an impressive array of bandages and dressings in the boot of his car, so David strapped my ankle up as we were quite sure it wasn’t actually broken. I was almost disappointed – something that hurt that much, should have been broken! Fortunately, I had made my second bag earlier in the week. This one is the ‘deluxe’ version and I made it for my sister’s birthday. This one had quilting, an internal pocket and a magnetic snap. Read the rest of this entry »

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